Sassuolo 5-0 Genoa | Caputo Gets a Brace as Brilliant Sassuolo Hit 5! | Serie A TIM

게시일 2020. 07. 29.
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Francesco Caputo scored two while Traore, Berardi and Raspadori also scored as Sassuolo beat Genoa convincingly | Serie A TIM
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  • Bektemir Nurliev

    Bektemir Nurliev

    4 개월 전

    61 -Eldor "Best of the Best "

  • Bisri Mustofa

    Bisri Mustofa

    8 개월 전

    Francesco Caputo....Late bloomer

  • Frank G.

    Frank G.

    9 개월 전

    3:09 caputoooooooooo

  • Antoine Carayon

    Antoine Carayon

    9 개월 전

    Ce qui sont venus pour voir si Dinor joué->

  • Wixter Sabalw

    Wixter Sabalw

    9 개월 전

    R 9

  • Köszi a Feliratkozást!

    Köszi a Feliratkozást!

    9 개월 전

    2:35. His first touch is a goal, btw he touched the ball before the goal like 6 times.

  • Wiil Mudug

    Wiil Mudug

    9 개월 전

    Remember the name Roberto De Zerbi the next big manager in Europe

  • Fakihi Salumu

    Fakihi Salumu

    9 개월 전

    I loved the second goal

  • Vivo Y12

    Vivo Y12

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo the king

  • Sadiah Utami

    Sadiah Utami

    9 개월 전

    Crazy Sassuolo

  • Onur Efe

    Onur Efe

    9 개월 전

    Mert müldür yok mu

  • قرأن يتلى اناء الليل وأطراف النهار

    قرأن يتلى اناء الليل وأطراف النهار

    9 개월 전

  • Kingsley O

    Kingsley O

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo are real Gs

  • Anton Joaquin

    Anton Joaquin

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo and Atalanta are such fantastic teams!

  • RealAnonymousA


    9 개월 전

    The counter attack was brilliant

  • I.D.


    9 개월 전

    2:39 RUN FORREST RUN!!!

  • the perfect profile

    the perfect profile

    9 개월 전

  • Quran reader

    Quran reader

    9 개월 전

    very nice goal number 25

  • Slap Inyourface

    Slap Inyourface

    9 개월 전

    Sassulo on fire💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💢💥💢💯💢💯💢💥💯💢💢💯💯💢💯💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Frederick Oguttu

    Frederick Oguttu

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo, Leeds....the future of total football...

  • Tahir M

    Tahir M

    9 개월 전

    2:37 those 2 Genoa defenders chilling on the beach ..

  • Andrew Destiny

    Andrew Destiny

    9 개월 전

    revenge for napoli robbery

  • Andjelko Zlotvor

    Andjelko Zlotvor

    9 개월 전

    What a game by Berardi!

  • Gaurav Rajput

    Gaurav Rajput

    9 개월 전

    they play beautiful football, amazing team, just need to strengthen defense...

  • Matthew Xuereb

    Matthew Xuereb

    9 개월 전

    Robben - I score the best left-footed screamers
    Berardi - hold my beer

  • John Mwangi

    John Mwangi

    9 개월 전

    Sassoul is the team to watch next season



    9 개월 전

    The new Atalanta

  • Nero zonez

    Nero zonez

    9 개월 전

    Caputo Is Magical

  • TrevorKane


    9 개월 전

    Genoa on the slump, Perin deserves better

  • samuel partogi

    samuel partogi

    9 개월 전

    The real result is 0-0. They forgot to saw VAR for every each goal.. wkwkwkwkwkwk

  • Roastens King 2

    Roastens King 2

    9 개월 전

    Berardi to Milan please

  • J G

    J G

    9 개월 전

    Is Everton realistic for Berardi and how much would he cost. Amazing player

    • István Gál

      István Gál

      9 개월 전

      Nope he stay in Italy

  • Ilham Firmansyah

    Ilham Firmansyah

    9 개월 전

    The Best MatchDay37

  • Mohit Neil

    Mohit Neil

    9 개월 전

    Berardi's goal is so underrated

  • Gagan Sumawijaya

    Gagan Sumawijaya

    9 개월 전

    Hope De Zerbi would take as Juve's coach

  • Antoni Cahyadi

    Antoni Cahyadi

    9 개월 전

    This is interesting result, sassuolo give 5 goals margin win after genoa, and lecce get crucial win at dacia arena, the last match is decision who will going down to serie b... Great play from de zerbi's team and hope next season they get better to chase european ticket...

  • Zondope D god

    Zondope D god

    9 개월 전

    There are plying better than juve

  • shuvendu swain

    shuvendu swain

    9 개월 전

    One of the managers look like Donald Trump 😂😂😅

  • fahri muhammad

    fahri muhammad

    9 개월 전

    Great strike from Domenico Berardi

  • Muhammad Nur Insaniah

    Muhammad Nur Insaniah

    9 개월 전

    Atalanta and sassuolo the next best team in serie a. Maybe

  • Irakli Samsonia

    Irakli Samsonia

    9 개월 전

    26' Hamed Traore (1-0); 39' Davide Nicola (Red card coach Genoa); 40' Domenico Berardi (2-0); 65' Francesco Caputo (3-0); 74' Giacomo Raspadori (4-0); 77' Francesco Caputo (5-0)

  • in


    9 개월 전

    Last time them are take down by VAR

  • Puji Pamungkas

    Puji Pamungkas

    9 개월 전

    Berrardi with his skills should play in the bigger team.
    But respect for his dedication to Sassuolo. 👍



    9 개월 전

    Дженоа всосоула

  • Legio XIII

    Legio XIII

    9 개월 전

    3 things: Atalanta and Sassuolo two best teams in Serie A, De Zerbi to Juve now, Romero even if already signed not ready for Juve.



    9 개월 전

    genoa sragamny kayak INTER 2010 dulu

  • Hector Campos

    Hector Campos

    9 개월 전

    What if you put Caputo, Berardi, Immobile, and Chiesa at Italia Nstional Team.

  • Hector Campos

    Hector Campos

    9 개월 전

    Caputo is very underated player. I been following him since 2 seasons ago.

  • Black White

    Black White

    9 개월 전


  • Wasim Momin

    Wasim Momin

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo are better than Arsenal now???

  • モイキン


    9 개월 전


  • Rahmat Hidayat

    Rahmat Hidayat

    9 개월 전

    Fantastic Domenico Berardi

  • 5574210


    9 개월 전

    Genoa finally where they actually belong, the bottom of the Italian football

  • Batam Wak

    Batam Wak

    9 개월 전

    Caputo is amazing, 21 goals this season

  • Ishwar Harwani

    Ishwar Harwani

    9 개월 전

  • CringeMan


    9 개월 전

    Il telecronista è palesemente italiano

  • Aaditya Khatri

    Aaditya Khatri

    9 개월 전

    Hope Genoa gets relegated

  • Kaushik GJ

    Kaushik GJ

    9 개월 전

    Can't believe why no top team has moved in for Berardi! He's class.

  • FullPlateMeal


    9 개월 전

    Serie A is the new home of big thumping wins

  • Anirban C

    Anirban C

    9 개월 전

    Seeing this match and that of Fiorentina, I guess Italy is the best international side at the moment.

  • Adnan Maruf

    Adnan Maruf

    9 개월 전

    caputo is just so composed dude!!

  • Yohanes Paskal

    Yohanes Paskal

    9 개월 전

    Serie A became goal galore...

  • Solo Tacchinardi

    Solo Tacchinardi

    9 개월 전

    Genoa, you give them a way 2 days ago then u got nothing right now! This bullying its for torino also..👎
    Geat for sassuolo!

  • Jaime Moreno

    Jaime Moreno

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo has been one of the best surprises this season. Kaputo is an absolute killer of striker! Berardi was outstanding too.

  • Stefano DL

    Stefano DL

    9 개월 전

    It is a shame that Masiello still plays soccer . . . for several reasons.

  • jacques mesrine

    jacques mesrine

    9 개월 전

    Caputo!!! Genoa got owned.

  • Hasan Bohra

    Hasan Bohra

    9 개월 전

    Don't know how berrardi hasn't made it to a decent European club.He has been playing like this for quite some time now !

  • Chibuzor henry Ochu

    Chibuzor henry Ochu

    9 개월 전

    Genoa defense is like an express road where everyone takes when there's gridlock on the other roads. Practically Nonexistent!

    • Smelly Fart

      Smelly Fart

      9 개월 전

      They longing to be a champions again... In Serie B next season

    • Okon Jacob

      Okon Jacob

      9 개월 전

      hahaha that describes it perfectly

  • spidy278


    9 개월 전

    minute 1:37 .... DONALD TRUMP watching seri A? how on earth he came to Italy, his country in dire situation....

  • Bisri Mustofa

    Bisri Mustofa

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo attack line is very dangerous.
    They can score 4 goals against Napoli.
    Genoa is clearly too easy for them.

  • Gabriel Noguez

    Gabriel Noguez

    9 개월 전

    hope genoa doesn't get relegated !! Perin doesn't deserve it .he's a top keeper

  • Giardi s

    Giardi s

    9 개월 전

    Perin join genoa , genoa to Serie B

  • Nurdin Said

    Nurdin Said

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo is the best team to watch.They are man city of Seria A.They start to create from behind the likes of marlon.He is so confident with the ball and locatelli from central and finally my best player of all time to watch Berardi twisting defenders like david silva /Bernado Silva.Can Arsenal buy Berardi for my sake plz🙏🙏🙏He is talented💯🔥

    • Karl


      9 개월 전

      Sheffield United of Serie A, and Atalanta is Man City of Serie A

  • Giùx


    9 개월 전

    1:10 😮😯😮😯

  • Earn free money

    Earn free money

    9 개월 전


  • Tiago Silva

    Tiago Silva

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo football make me hard!!!



    9 개월 전

    Caputo is so underrated

  • 204Percent SpaghettiMan

    204Percent SpaghettiMan

    9 개월 전

    Genoa: **breathes**
    Sound Guy: *I GET KNOCKED DOWN*

  • edison alonso mora carvajal

    edison alonso mora carvajal

    9 개월 전

    Te invitamos a seguir en Facebook la primer página de habla hispana de Latinoamérica dedicada 100% a Sassuolo. SASSUOLO COLOMBIA

  • Seydi babacar sy Tv

    Seydi babacar sy Tv

    9 개월 전

    Berardi❤️what a player

  • dimka


    9 개월 전

    Genoa gioca senza difese, come mai?

  • Omed Saed

    Omed Saed

    9 개월 전


  • Roz Sa

    Roz Sa

    9 개월 전

    In two season, Caputo has equalled Del Piero for the number of goals scored in a Serie A. Grande Ciccio. And Berardi - 14 goals and 8 assists. Why does he continue to be overlooked?

  • Paolo Ricci

    Paolo Ricci

    9 개월 전

    such a fun team to watch, how milan gave up on locatelli blows my mind, Berardi will be an Italy regular

  • Ayato Kun

    Ayato Kun

    9 개월 전

    The future Atalanta .

  • István Gál

    István Gál

    9 개월 전

    Berardi go to Ac Milan please

  • Kulup Tunggal

    Kulup Tunggal

    9 개월 전

    So this week, berardi got 3 assists and chiesa hatrick goals..okay

  • EAA


    9 개월 전

    Caputo + Berardi + Locatelli -> Fun

  • sokal25


    9 개월 전

    Berardi still in this club. How is it possible?



    9 개월 전

    Caputo is Italian Danny Ings

  • Diego Perotti

    Diego Perotti

    9 개월 전

    Wow sassuolo😍

  • Firaz Shafiq

    Firaz Shafiq

    9 개월 전

    Caputo has 21 goals yet Italy will still use belotti ahead of him...

  • Gerson Kenner

    Gerson Kenner

    9 개월 전

    Berardi 👏👏👏!!!

  • Juan Escobar

    Juan Escobar

    9 개월 전

    Que gran temporada de Caputo, de lo mejor el año pasado con el Empoli y demostrando que no es jugador para la Serie B....

  • Gabriel 1998

    Gabriel 1998

    9 개월 전

    Genoa in 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

  • Набиль


    9 개월 전

    Brace caputo

  • roberto cruz

    roberto cruz

    9 개월 전

    Sassuolo juega mejor que una Lazio, Madrid, Borussia, Arsenal

  • Eric


    9 개월 전

    Berardi's strike a thing of beauty!

  • englewood price

    englewood price

    9 개월 전

    wonder if Berardi is finally ready for a move to a big club. he should be i the team for the euros for sure. mancini needs to call him up

  • Angki Cc

    Angki Cc

    9 개월 전